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Our Company

Reginatrans is a leading independent family company in the sector of transport, storage and handling of goods, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, wich provides agility and flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers, respecting family values and always offering the highest quality of service.

We have come a long way through nearly 25 years that has led us to be reference in the sector of transport and storage in the area of the Levant today. Throughout these years has been shown continuous commitment to our clients, satisfaction of this and the quality of our services.

We are a company fully committed to social responsibility, why pursue the positive impact for our people, our environment, our society and our customers.


The mission og REGINATRANS is to provide integrated logistic services such as transport, storage and distribution with the main objective to fully meet the needs of our customers, being leaders in quality of service.


The vision of REGINATRANS long term is a company that covers all the logistics needs of its customers, based on the changes of these needs and quickly adapting to the changes required, from the value defined below, so give us sustainable growth and continuous improvement.


The values on wich rest the foundations of REGINATRANS are:

  • COHERENCE with the aptitud and resources that we have, as they are limited therefore must be managed in the best way to obtain our satisfaction and that of our customers.

  • COMMITMENT. Commitment undestanding, as to go beyond the obligation with us squeezing our aptitudes to take forward the task that has been entrusted to us.

  • PERSEVERANCE, considering this as an continuous effort that will enable us to achieve our goal throught constancy, firmness and tenacity, seeking solutions and strategies to potential problems that prevent us from that purpose.
  • PASSION for service that we do every minute in which we work and our lives, since only just like that will we achieve excellence and the best service to our customers.
  • The HUMILITY of recognizing our skills, capabilities, and our weaknesses to achieve an improvement continues and trying to learn better processes and techniques that allow us to identify the needs of our customers.
  • Being POSITIVE helps us to face our challenges, because our attitude helps us to overcome our capabilities on many occasions. It is convinced that can be achieved, that is worth the effort and deserves our efforts.

  • We understand the TEAMWORK as a search to complete a common goal, raising us above our individualities, unifying criteria, and overcoming our differences.